A spring breeze flits across your face as the sun warms the last traces of frost from delicate plants. The first tender shoot must strive against the killing frost to reach the warm spring air and freedom. Life is full of magical moments, crying out in joy and sorrow. The child and adult grow through the adversity of Spring and the blistering sun of summer.

Becoming one’s self means withstanding the pain and bliss of life. Every betrayal and act of kindness brings new growth, and the magic continues. It is hidden and misunderstood because how can life come out of pain when so much of it dies in man’s transgressions? We pay with time, a valuable currency. The magic fades with time. In the end, the life-giving soil welcomes us home.

The terror and fragility of living are in every word. Read from the book of life, the words resonate in the mind. Spoken aloud, it holds power to captivate with untold emotion. The need for both the written and spoken word helps spread the magic.

Tied together, the soul and the body cry out for the words that will free it. The magic of living is in the power of dying. To die is to live, and to live is to die. It is a balance of daily striving and work. Homes are built to protect and shelter the budding family and protect the future. To protect the self.

With every breath and life springs anew. The flow of time moves on. The magic stimulates new growth and continuance. Through words and time does meaning grow.
The magic flows through the young and old. Strong in youth, equally strong with age. The time it takes for the words to mature brings power and strength. It brings the power to overcome and battle the fear.

The first breath, like the wind, brings change and feeling—the warmth of a spring day mixed with the cooling of fall. Life and continuation merge to tie one to the present and the future. Through the spoken word, does the past tie itself to the present to exist in the future.

The knot of the family provides the fertile soil to grow. The ties that bind loosen as the sprout grows and blooms. The right spring soil creates strong growth to withstand the chill of winter. The family holds and cradles life through the trials of life and growth. They will tell the tale found only in the blood.

Like a tree blowing in the wind, it will only wave so long. Life comes with its winds and its calm. The calm helps heal the soul for the bitter freeze of the future. The glorious colors of Autumn provide the soul with the nutrients to step forward into the future unafraid.

The first kiss and the first heartache join the foundation from which the flower grows. Killing frost can take the unwary soul by surprise. A strong spirit will match the frost and be the victor who sees the first green of Spring and the future it brings.

The spirit lives on through those we touch. The magic passes into the future from the past. Each knot tied makes the bond stronger. The choices made in life help shape and distort the vision we see in the mirror. Life is but a dream rooted in the magic of the first and last breath.

Forever changing and growing, with the first cry, the magical cycle begins again.