Designing Time & Knots was like breaking the mold of time to create a space for a knot, The illustration and the inner composition had to complement each other. The Pitch poem and the preface for Time set the ethereal tone, but the million-dollar question was the Season that will make and break the illusion of change & us.

Initially, I had imagined to open with Spring and culminate with Winter, kind of follow a chartered course, but as my Soul become the poetic core, the journey became uncharted…

I wrote

with silence and chaos

with passion and charm

with rhythm and fall

with hunger & high.

with vulnerability & pride,

with freedom & grip

with dye & shine

with welcome and smile.

with void & bliss

with bloom & gasp

with strike & bow

with edge & infinite.

The warmth of Summer and its undying clench surfaced as the season to break open the cyclical mist.
Here is Summer, rendered in Latvian landscape by a soul that will leave you in awe & flow.